Conectados al Sur: Chile, was the second Conectados al Sur regional symposium on youth and digital media. The event focused on the use and adaptation of the Internet by traditionally marginalized youth in order to increase the inclusion of these groups online. These communities include, but are not limited to, youth in rural areas, LGBTQ youth, ethnic and racial minorities, youth with disabilities, and girls and young women.


The symposium was organized by the Institute of Communication and Image at the University of Chile in collaboration with the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University and UNICEF. The goal was to analyze the state of research, policy implications, and progress within the framework of the relationship between youth and technology. Additionally, the event served as a space for the exchange of ideas and initiatives in order to foster collaboration among the various countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.

At the event topics such as the inequality of Internet access, connectivity and use, skills and digital literacy, youth empowerment, modes of appropriation of ICT and their relationship with digital citizens, online privacy and freedom of expression, the role of the Internet in strengthening relationships, and sense of belonging were analyzed and discussed.


The symposium brought together academics, practitioners and representatives of NGOs, young people, activists, philanthropists, government officials, and representatives of technology companies. We gathered organizations that work on themes related to youth and digital media to participate in this symposium not only as guests but also as facilitators and support channels for future initiatives that can be developed as a result of this gathering.

Conectados al Sur: Chile has been designed to offer a highly collaborative and interactive environment and embrace the cultural diversity and the preferences in relation to the modes of discussion and implementation.

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