The Science Clubs are free intensive week-long courses on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) topics for young Colombians, who are studying in high school in public institutions. The clubs are a great opportunity for the students to experience the world of research, starting from the conception of ideas, the design and execution of experiments to the communication of their results. Each Science Club is run by a researcher (typically a doctoral student or postdoctoral researcher) from an institution abroad, working as a team, together with a co-instructor of a Colombian institution, and directed to a group of 15 to 20 students. The more practical the club is, the better. There are many ways to do it, whether with experiments, debates, reading sessions, experiences using the computer, among others.

During the Science Club week, an academic symposium will be held in which instructors will communicate their research topic to a general audience. The objective of this symposium is to promote the creation of networks of scientific and academic collaboration between the participants of the Science Clubs and the scientific community of the city where the Clubs are held.


¿How to participate?

Each club will be developed in pairs by an instructor based abroad and a co-instructor based in Colombia. After being selected, both instructors should establish close collaboration to design and implement the club. The creation of the pair of instructor and co-instructor can be given in two ways:

-Previously agreeing a joint participation and indicating this collaboration in the application form.
-Using the information provided in the form, we will assign couples based on their expertise and common interests.

Science Clubs will cover the expenses of the instructor, which include airfare, accommodation, food. The costs of food and local transportation of the co-instructor will also be covered. There is also a budget for materials required for the development of the Club.


Be post-graduate students or post-doctoral researchers affiliated with universities or research institutions. Professionals with experience in some work related to Science or Technology (STEM) can also apply.
Have relevant experience teaching or tutoring high school or undergraduate students.
Have ideas for a novel, exciting, intensive course in science, technology, engineering, or math that revolves around an applied project.

Dates and duration

The activities of Science Club Colombia will be held from June 26 to July 1, 2017 with an hourly intensity of minimum 5 hours / day. Full-time participation is required for these 6 days. It is recommended that instructors establish a mentor relationship with their students and remain in contact in the long term (6+ months after the closure of Science Clubs).

For further questions

Science Clubs in Colombia

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