We receive, co-organize and participate in innovative learning activities, webinars, workshops, laboratories, among others, on key themes of relevance in the field of children, youth and digital technologies.

The events of Conectados al Sur, are meant to approach the issue of youth and technologies from holistic standpoint: looking at both opportunities and challenges.

Even if our events may differ slightly based on their location and focus, they share some common features that are intended to:

  • Bring together a diverse group of participants consisting of academics, practitioners and NGO representatives, young people, civil society, philanthropists, government officials, and representatives of technology companies
  • Compile an invitees list that is mindful of diversity and inclusion demographics and categories of interest including ethnicity, race, gender, gender and sexual identity, religion, national origin, location, age, and educational (skill level) and/or socioeconomic status.
  • Debate what the state of research and practice is, and where the knowledge gaps are.  Discuss interesting applications, examples, approaches, and solutions. Provide a compelling space to discuss ways to improve the information flow between experts and decision-makers, and the public at large.
  • Design an event that is highly interactive and participatory (e.g. assistants should not only participate as guests, but also as facilitators).
  • Offer a variety of venues and formats in which knowledge and experiences can be shared, also acknowledging cultural differences and preferences in terms of modes of engagement.

Past events:
Simposio Conectados al Sur: Argentina 2014
Simposio Conectados al Sur: Chile 2016

Next events:

Conectados al Sur: San José de Costa Rica, 15 y 16 de enero de 2018 (more information soon to come).



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