The NGO Faro Digital launched the campaign #SexteaConLaCabeza (Do sexting, with the head -thinking-). The objective of the initiative is to raise awareness about how important it’s to take care of our identity when sending intimate or sexual photos through digital devices, that is, of sexing or performing sexting.

The campaign is based on the idea that whoever wants to send sex photos using information and communication technologies (ICT) is free to do so and enjoy it. It is understood that Internet offers new possibilities of sexuality and expression. In the same way, Faro understands that the digital world is part of the everyday life of young people and that it’s typical of today’s adolescence to use technology to have relationships, communicate and even live sexualities. In that sense, the premise of the campaign is to reduce the damages that may arise as a result of sexting.

Faro Digital worked in partnership with Cosmic Agency to create two flyers of sexting awareness. The message is to explore sexualities in the digital world (if you want so), but having tools to take care of your privacy. For that they used two youth (a woman and a man) in sensual positions but with masks of animals that cover their heads.

A fundamental part of #SexteaConLaCabeza is to raise the gender awareness in this area. Women are the victims in most cases of disclosure of intimate images, and it’s them (and also men) who must be aware of the risks of exposing themselves or exposing others. To work on this issue, Faro Digital looked for models of both sexes and colors that do not fit into a particular gender.

The possible risks of sexting result from the disclosure of those images sent privately. It is understood that whoever sends a photo or sexual video does so in order to be seen by one or more specific people. However, the power of digital technologies makes it impossible to predict who would be able to watch them.

In that sense, a photo or video can reach the hands of strangers who were not the original recipients of that message. Something as intimate as the personal image with sexual or sensual connotation has to be a cause for care and concern. That is why it is better to avoid exposing the face or parts of our body that specifically identify us (tattoos, birthmarks, etc.) to prevent that image from reaching where we don’t want to.

#SexteaConLaCabeza is an invitation to explore sexualities with technology while taking care of one of the most valuable things we have: our identity.



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