Conectados al Sur (@conectadoalsur), a regional initiative of the global Digitally Connected network, addresses the opportunities and challenges pertaining to children and youth in the digital environment in the Latin American and Caribbean region.

The Conectados al Sur network has at its core a regional network consisting of academics, practitioners, young people, activists, philanthropists, government officials, and representatives of technology companies.

The core elements of the initiative are the following:

  • Events: We host, co-host, and participate in learning calls, webinars, events etc. on core issues with human rights and social justice relevance, including (but not limited to) issues such as inequitable access, risks to safety and privacy, skills and digital literacy, and spaces for participation and innovation. Current/past events include:
  • Network building: We have made significant commitments to strengthen the connections between the Berkman Center, UNICEF, and our Latin American collaborators, both at the individual and institutional level. Current efforts include:
    • Breakfast of Ideas : event to bring together experts and people with an interest in Latin American affairs revolving around issues of children and youth, technology, Internet and social media, education technology, and new applications for social changes.
    • Conectados al Sur Stories :  Video interviews about the new innovation stories transforming Latin America region and the Latino community in the United States
    • Conectados al Sur + :  promotes the continuation of the dialogue and the exchange of ideas (e.g. blog post, social media, podcasts, support tools). Coming soon.
Events of the Conectados al Sur network