Early 2016, Google launched #prideforeveryone, a global virtual reality Pride parade that anyone, anywhere could join. Since then, Gogole has distributed Google Cardboards and the virtual Pride experience to more than 20 groups and nonprofits, worldwide. In Colombia, Google worked with Alba Reyes, founder of the Sergio Urrego Foundation, who brought the parade to students in Bogota.


In 2014, Sergio, Alba’s son, took his own life because he was suspended and discriminated by the authorities of his school for kissing another boy. Since then, her Foundation’s mission has been to make sure what happened to Sergio doesn’t happen to any other young person, through inclusion and diversity workshops with Colombian students.


With the help of virtual reality and Google Cardboard, students learn more about the global LGBT community, and feel supported by a global community that celebrates diversity. Most of these students have never seen a LGBTQ Pride parade and now have an opportunity to experience them from their very own classrooms.

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