At the end of 2016, Google conducted an online survey in Latin America to understand the different ways in which parents take care of their children, between the ages of 3 and 16, in the digital world.

This survey was conducted globally, reaching a total of 6453 adults.  54% were parents and the remaining 46% were mothers. The research was applied in countries such as Canada, the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, France, Germany, Italy, UK, Japan, India, Spain, Holland and Australia. In Latin America, 2430 responses were reached.

It is highlighted from the survey that 67% of parents allow their children to use their own mobile device and tablets to access the Internet. Being 9 years old the average in which they access their own device to access the Web.

There are also two major concerns among adults: meeting strangers through digital media, and inappropriate content. Thats the reason why 52% of parents restrict chat or playing with strangers online. Also 70% of parents have talked to their children about how to share information online properly.

To conclude, it should be noted that almost 80% of parents recognize that the exchange of personal information with strangers is the most discussed topic of social media.


Google survey: How parents take care of kids and youth in LatAm

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